Lime Rock Swiss Farm is a 3rd generation farm established in 1926 near Davis, Illinois with a passion for nuturing the big, gentle, brown cow and God’s land.

Our mission here at Lime Rock Swiss Farm is to provide loving care to the animals and in turn the animals provide the best product to you. This is all achieved through the extra TLC we give to the Big Brown Cow and the expertise of our cheese makers. The cheese factory has been crafting cheese for over 110 years, one of the oldest in the state. The cheese makers in our opinion are one of the best.

The big brown cow also known as Brown Swiss, is a cheese makers dream. The milk’s unique components craft a silky, smooth texture and a rich flavorful cheese.

A dream started in 2002 to offer a specialty product from our cows directly to you, the consumer. In January of 2009, the economics of the dairy industry pushed us to make the dream become a reality. After much guidance and work, our first cheese was sold September 2009 at a farmers market. It’s an exciting experience to be able to offer a finished product from our big brown cows directly to the heart of the home, the dinner table.

We hope you are pleased with the work of our Brown Swiss cows and our farm. May our specialty Lime Rock Brown Swiss cheeses: Swiss, Baby Swiss, Muenster, Brick, Havarti, Smoked Brick, Smoked Swiss, and Smoked Baby Swiss, be savored and enjoyed.

Blessed Cheers,
David & Jane Rieman and boys
Ross Meinert
12341 N. Springbrook Rd.
Davis, IL 61019